Taken From God Came Near By Max Lucado

It all happened in a most remarkable moment…a moment like no other.  For through that segment of time a spectacular thin occurred.

God became a man.  Divinity arrived.  Heaven opened herself and placed her most precious one in a human womb.

The omnipotent, in one instant became flesh and blood.The one who was larger than the universe became a microscopic embryo.  And he who sustains the world with a word chose to be dependent upon nourishment of a young girl.

God had come near.

He came, not as a flash of light or as an unapproachable conqueror, but one whose first cries were heard by a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter.  Mary and Joseph were anything but royal.  Yet heaven entrusted its greatest treasure to these simple parents.  It began in a manger, this momentous moment in time.  He looked like anything but a king.  His face, prunish and red.  His cry, still the helpless and piercing cry of a dependent baby.

Majesty in the midst of the mundane.  Holiness in filth of sheep manure and sweat.  The baby had overseen the universe.  These rags keeping him warm were the robes of eternity.  His golden throne room had been abandoned in favor of a dirty sheep pen.  And worshipping angels had been replaced by bewildered shepherds.

Curious, this royal throne room.  No tapestries covering the windows.  No velvet garments on the courtiers.  No golden scepter or glittering crown.  Curious, the sounds in the court.  Cows munching, hooves crunching, a mother humming, a babe nursing.

It could have begun anywhere., the story of the king.  But, curiously, it began in a manger.  Step into the doorway, peek through the window.

He is here!

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