Our Identity Is In Christ

Scripture Verse

Luke 14:26-27-” If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also,he cannot be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his  cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” (NKJV)


“When Jesus asks you to deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow Him, what do you think it means? Whatever else it means, I think it means to be identified with Christ, not only when it’s popular but when it’s unpopular. Not only when it’s the thing to do but when it seems as if it’s not the thing to do. I like the way the New English Bible puts Revelation 1:9. John writes, “I was on the island called Patmos because I had preached God’s Word and borne my testimony to Jesus.” (Lorne Sanny, 1920-2005)

Lorne Sanny headed The Navigator ministry in Seattle, Washington, served as vice-president of The Navigators, and worked closely with Billy Graham. Mr. Sanny became president of The Navigators in 1956, after the death of Dawson Trotman, the founder. Mr. Sanny served in that position until 1986.  Mr. Sanny went to be with our Lord in 2005.He had extensive discipling experience and generously passed it on to others. We can learn from him how we too can become an effective disciplemaker.

Mr. Sanny shares the following  story about being identified with Christ, not only when it’s popular but when it’s unpopular:

A Follower Of Jesus

A friend of mine traveling by train from Finland to Moscow tried to smuggle in three suitcases full of Bibles. But the Russian colonel at the border took rather unkindly to this idea. In fact, he was a little upset. My friend Jack asked him, “Well, what are you so worried about? Why do you get so upset about someone bringing a Bible into your country?”

“It’s a fairy story, nothing but fairy tales,” the colonel replied.

“Don’t you have fairy story books in Russia?” Jack asked.

“It’s a fairy story, nothing but fairy tales,” the colonel replied.

“Don’t you have fairy story books in Russia?” Jack asked.

“Oh, yes.”

“Well, what’s the matter with another one?”

“Ay,” said the colonel, “if they believe that Bible, they won’t believe in communism.”

So after warning him not to preach and scaring him a little bit, Jack said they let him go on his way.

A few hours later a couple of conductors came by and began to sell them on the merits of communism. It wasn’t long before Jack couldn’t stand it any longer. He began to preach back to them. After he’d preached to them  for a while, one of the conductors pointed to another conductor at the other end of the car and said, “Now, he’s one of yours. That conductor, he’s one of your kind.”

Later Jack talked to this conductor. Sure enough, he was a born-again Christian. They asked him if he had a Bible. He replied, “No, the last Bible in our town was owned by my grandmother. She tore it up into segments and distributed it to Christians around the town so it couldn’t be confiscated all at once.”

They asked if he’d like a Bible. (The colonel had confiscated only two of the suitcases of Bibles they had with them.) When they handed him a Bible, he wept and kissed it. Then he wrapped it in newspaper to take it off the train so it wouldn’t be taken away from him.

I believe the striking thing about this story is that not only was there a Christian conductor on that train, but the other conductors knew he was a Christian. There was a disciple, identifying himself with the Person of Jesus Christ.

Do you take an opportunity to admit that you are a follower of Jesus Christ? Why not determine that at the first opportunity this week you will quietly, graciously, but openly identify yourself with Jesus Christ? I believe this is a mark of a disciple.

(Taken from Readings on Discipleship (Session 1)By: Emery Nester)

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